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Just saw Just Judy ad. I am still in TX but am flying to KC the day of your event at community center. Really important to me that ladies understand how much Thermi VA helps. This is super personal but now having sex once a week compared to almost never. I do use a little Astro glide for tightness but have NO pain which is what I dealt with for the last SIX plus years. Sorry I cannot be there to share my story but you are welcome to pass along 😜

ThermiSmooth Face

I just had to drop you a line about ThermiSmooth! I chose to do my cheeks with the hope that they would tighten enough to smooth out my laugh lines. I told myself not to expect anything until after the third treatment but just after the second treatment, I did a side-by-side. I was shocked to see a very noticeable difference! Especially since I was considering filler, this is amazing! I can't wait to see the final results after the third treatment!

ThermiSmooth Body

While most testimonials are usually submitted at the end of a service, I really need to share now! I went in for my first ThermiSmooth treatment last week for my abdomen and the outsides of my thighs. The intense heat reminded me of a hot stone massage and was so relaxing that I found myself nodding off. I did my homework before my treatment so I expect great results but I didn't know I'd enjoy it! Perhaps you don't "have to suffer to be beautiful"!